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Stay Home

by Sarah Mazza

We Are


"One never reaches home,

but wherever friendly paths intersect

the whole world looks like home for a time"

- Hermann Hesse


Back to the Wild


Watch film

Watch film

Pandemic, Migration and Other Stories
Three stories of lockdown

Andrea is a tea expert; Giulianna studies literature; Carlotta is an actress in theatre. Learn how Covid-19 has affected their lives.

Three stories of lockdown
Italy to Belgium: a story of family and migration
Image by Anton Murygin

Once upon a time Isabella started a long train journey with her mum and younger siblings. They did not have a proper suitcase and their dresses were packed in sacks.

That train was going to Belgium and this is how the story of my family starts.

Migration to Belgium
A post-it and a cage

During the second week of lockdown, I received bad news from my family in Italy.

I found myself expressing my sorrows on post-it scattered around my room.

The words on the post-it inspired the evocative sequence of the film

A post-it and a cage
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